Super Aqua Glacial Water Mist

Super Aqua Glacial Water Mist

  • Dhs.79.00
  • Save Dhs.8.00

- Who wants mist which can be applied evenly even on the make-up without fading

- Who experiences mist which makes skin drier

- Who wants to provide moisture easily during long travel, in the car or in the office

- Who wants to take care of dry skin as needed after make-up

1) Gentle functional mist for tired and sensitive skin

- Pure mist for tired and sensitive skin without artificial perfume and ethanol.


2) Containing 94% of glacial water, real soothing cooling mist with differentiated water!

- It helps to soothe and moisturize skin refreshingly with 94% of glacial water.

3) Mist applied evenly without clumps

- It helps to provide full of moisture by being absorbed without clumps and evenly with fine particles.


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