Missha Water-in-Sponge

  • Dhs.47.00

Softly adhering watered sponge provides moisturizing cover makeup.

Dry sponge size: 4 x 7 cm
Wet sponge becomes x1.3 times bigger

Tightly adhering makeup
Non-latex polyurethane sponge consisting of fine cells allows for makeup that ensures smooth and even coverage.

▶ Precise and meticulous makeup with unique sponge shape
Multi-use blender provides a detailed even cover. The cut surface and the pointed corner provide smooth even cover.

1. WIDER SIDE - evenly apply the content
2. CUT SURFACE - provides close adherence to the skin by tapping
3. POINTED SURFACE - fill in the curved area in detail

▶ Increased size after absorbing water - water-absorbent water-in-sponge
Water-retaining puff moisturizes the skin.

How to use

Use the sponge to apply base products (foundation, BB cream, etc.) starting from the inside of the face and outward, while patting gently to fully blend.

1. With the flat part, pat around the areas with lighter contours, such as the cheeks and forehead, in order to blend thoroughly.
2. With the pointy part, pat around the areas with contours, such as the wings of your nose and area around your eyes, in order to blend thoroughly.

* Hot tips for glowing makeup
- Apply with dried sponge for even coverage.
- Apply with watered sponge for moist coverage.
For hydrating and radiant makeup, slightly moisten MISSHA Water-in-Sponge with water before applying the makeup.
The moist sponge helps to express a healthy glow to your skin.
(Slightly moisten the sponge then squeeze excess water out before use)

* Cleansing your sponge
STEP 1: Dispense the puff cleanser or neutral cleanser on the sponge, gently rub using the sponge to cleanse.
STEP 2: Rinse well under running water, remove water and dry in a well-ventilated shaded place.
For more effective cleansing, put the sponge and cleanser into a plastic bag and rub the bag.
When cleansing the sponge, do not squeeze too strongly in order to prevent breakage.


Wet polyurethane.

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