Pure Source Pocket Pack - 10ml

  • Dhs.15.00

Full of natural essential source in pocket.
Easy to use, squeeze the pouch Mask Pack.
#Aloe - Moisturizing 
#Honey - Nutritious

#Lemon - Vitality
 #Pearl - Moisturizing
#Pomegranate - Elasticity
#Shea Butter - Nutritious 

[How to use]
[Peel off pack]
1. After washing, apply thick layer on dry face avoiding eyes and mouth area.
2. After 20~30 minutes, peel-off the dry pack

[Sleeping pack]
After cleansing, gently smooth out the skin texture with a toner,
Take a moderate amount and apply on face before going to bed.
Cleanse your face with warm water the next morning.

[Wash off pack]
After cleansing, apply a proper amount to the face and after 10 minutes,
wash with lukewarm water.
- Options :
#Shea Butter

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