MISA Cho Gong Jin Cleansing Foam

  • Dhs.129.00

Oriental herbal cleansing foam helps provide moisture and freshen up the skin with rich dense foam


Nutrition cleansing foam having Gongjinbichaekdan ingredient.

Foam cleanser to help make skin moist and healty with Gongjinbichaekdan prescription


Hypoallergenic cleansing foam including red beans used as an advanced cleanser since Shilla Dynasty

Red beans that have been used as a Korean traditional cleansing method for clean and soft skin texture.


 Moisturized cleansing with dense and soft bubble

Silky bubble to help cleanse waste and protect a moisture film on the skin

Key Ingredients:             

Cho Gong Jin prescription for beautiful and healthy skin


Take an appropriate amount on wet hands and lather up. Massage over your face and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.



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