Missha Lash Talk Color Mascara - 7.5g

  • Dhs.57.00
  • Save 32%


Color mascara to help express mood of eyes with applying color on eyelashes.

  • natural and soft brown color mascara

  • feminine and unique raspberry color mascara

  • express different mood

  • tidy mascara without smudging and sagging


Raspberry color : that express feminine and fascinating mood.

Mild chocolate color : that express soft mood.

  1. Tidy volume and vivid coloring benefits by volumizing color powder.

  1. Long-lasting curl without sagging and without smudging waterproof by film setting former.



    1. Use inner brush to comb for quick coloring + curl UP
    2. Use brush tip to coat each eyelash, vivid coloring + volume UP
    3. Use outer brush to finish for clean coloring + separating 


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