Missha Color Fix Eye Primer

  • Dhs.53.00
  • Save 33%

Eye primer to improve the color expression of eye shadow and to keep eye makeup lasting long.



  • Amazing expression of eye shadow’s glitter and vivid colors

  • long-lasting eye makeup all day long

  • clean and even eye makeup without crease



Vivid color expression

Adhering ingredients are resistant against oil and moisture helps express true eye shadow colors.

Long lasting eye makeup

It helps keep eye makeup fresh for long hours by controlling sebum around the eyes.

Silky skin without crease

Clear coating film helps express clean makeup by making skin feel silky smooth without crease.


  • Silky Powder Particles for beautiful colors and a silky glow.

  • Macademia-Oil soothes skin.


At the first step of eye makeup, apply an appropriate amount on desired areas and tap it lightly with finger to be spread evenly.  


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