Missha Cleansing Foam Gift Set

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Consists of- 

1) FC Beauty blackhead wash cleaner

What it is : 

A cleansing tool designed with two different shaped ends to exfoliate, massage, and extract.

Beauty Benefits:

* 3-in-one tool: cleanses pores, massages skin, and extracts sebum.
* Helps treat enlarged pores, dead skin cells and blackheads.

What it does: 

This blackhead dual cleaning brush features ribbed silicone bristles in two different densities to help access the hard-to-reach sides of your nose. The tip of the brush is designed with an extractor to remove leftover impurities, oil, and blackheads that remain after cleansing.

why does we love it :

The easy grip feature help to remove all impurities while massaging your skin for gentle yet effective cleansing. Targets stubborn dead skin cells for a gentle exfoliation, and is an easy way to give your face a quick massage to leave you glowing.

How to use: 

Apply cleansing foam, and wash your face with the cleaner.

2) MISSHA Creamy Latte Cleansing Foam 


Containing milk ingredients, it makes your skin clean, moisturized, and nourished.


Take the proper amount and make enough bubble.
Softly apply the bubble on your whole face and gently massage it.
Then clean it with lukewarm water.


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