Attar Khalifa 20 ML

Attar Khalifa 20 ML

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Attar Khalifa

Escape to a world of luxury and intrigue with Attar Khalifa, the mysteriously alluring new fragrance. This exotic scent opens with a burst of fresh grapefruit and aquatic notes, drawing you into its depths. At its heart lie delicate jasmine and sensual musk, enveloping you in velvety softness. An earthy base of woods, patchouli and ambergris grounds the fragrance, lingering long after. Attar Khalifa is the perfect choice for those seeking a fragrance that is as complex as it is unforgettable.

  • Top notes of bright grapefruit and cool marine accords
  • Heart of floral jasmine and warm, spicy musk
  • Luxurious base with woody, earthy patchouli and ambergris

Attar Khalifa is a sophisticated, intriguing fragrance that evokes a sense of exotic luxury. Let its multi-layered accords transport you and intrigue those around you. A few spritzes is all you need to envelop yourself in the mystery and allure of this oriental treasure.

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