Attar Jamila 20 ML

Attar Jamila 20 ML

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Attar Jamila - Fragrance that captures the essence that is blended of modern and traditional sent with arab odor, stored in golden armour with crystal flacon.


Attar Jamila - the essence of elegance and allure in a bottle! Elevate your every day with its long-lasting musky sweetness that captivates the senses. Perfect for daily wear or as a thoughtful gift that leaves a lasting impression. Embrace the beauty of scent with Attar Jamila - because every moment deserves to be wrapped in luxury.

With base note of Jasmin and rose musk,

Middle note of woody and amber

With base note of floral and saffron

Attar Jamila is a luxurious and exotic perfume oil crafted from a blend of natural herbs, oils, and spices. With its unique and captivating aroma, Attar Jamila is perfect for those who want to stand out in a crowd. It lingers on the skin and clothing for hours, providing a warm and enchanting scent. This premium-quality perfume oil is perfect for gifting or personal use, and it comes in a beautifully crafted bottle that is as impressive as the fragrance itself.  So, indulge in the magic of Attar Jamila and embrace the opulence and richness of this exquisite perfume oil!

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