Missha Artistool Shadow Brush #302

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MISSHA Artistool Shadow Brush #302 is a shadow brush evenly helps express base shadow without clumps. The firm and round cutting brush give clean gradation and the base brush gives even shadow color on the entire eye area.

It increases the completeness of the makeup like a pro with a brush in perfect shape and material make-up for each step without causing irritation to the skin.

MISSHA Artistool Shadow Brush #302 (1P)

MISSHA Artistool Shadow Brush #302 (1P)
1 piece
Fibers: Horse Hair & Synthetic Hair / Handle: Wood / Ferrule: Alumnium

1. Pros

  • Suitable for those who are looking to achieve more precise shadow application.
  • Suitable for those who are for a product that minimizes shadow fallout and caking.
  • Suitable for those who are looking for a makeup brush that does not cause irritation.
  • The makeup brush to help instill a higher grade of precision in whoever holds it.
  • The shape and material of the brush are customized for each makeup step. They help provide the same effect as professional makeup. 
  • The makeup brush to help provide a pleasant feel. The ultra-fine hair of the brush expresses intricate makeup as it softly touches the skin without causing any irritation.
  • Helps to apply shadow naturally without clumps with the mixture of soft horsehair and elastic synthetic hair.

2. Concept

  • Gives Beginners Professional Results: A brush with the right texture and shape for every step of your makeup regimen, allows even beginners to achieve professional results.
  • Soft Texture: Tapered fibers provide for a super soft texture that doesn't irritate the skin and allows for more natural-looking makeup application.

MISSHA Artistool Shadow Brush #302 (1P)

  • The mixture of soft horsehair and elastic synthetic hair helps apply shadow naturally without clumps.

MISSHA Artistool Shadow Brush #302 (1P)

  • A big-sized Shadow brush is suitable for applying base shadow.

3. Materials

  • Fibers: Horse Hair & Synthetic Hair.
  • Handle Wood.
  • Ferrule: Aluminum.

4. Directions

MISSHA Artistool Shadow Brush #302 (1P)

  • Take the shadow with the brush and shake off a little to adjust the amount.

    MISSHA Artistool Shadow Brush #302 (1P)

    • Gently apply eye shadow smoothly around the eyes.

          Clean Up Directions:

          MISSHA Artistool Cheek & Shading Brush #203 (1P)

          • Wipe off excess product onto the tissue.

          MISSHA Artistool Cheek & Shading Brush #203 (1P)

          • Using a brush cleanser, wash the brush in lukewarm water rubbing gently with hands. The Brush Cleanser can be purchased separately here: MISSHA Deep Clean Brush Cleanser.
          MISSHA Deep Clean Brush Cleanser (100g)
          • The MISSHA Deep Clean Brush Cleanser can help to clean makeup brush with perfect detergency and with a soft conditioner effect to maintain the quality of the brush.

              MISSHA Artistool Cheek & Shading Brush #203 (1P) Direction

              • Hold the handle and shake off excess water.

              MISSHA Artistool Cheek & Shading Brush #203 (1P) Direction

              • Dry the brush with the fibers and ferrule facing down in a well-ventilated, shaded area.
              • Other available MISSHA Artistool Makeup Brush can be purchased separately.

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