Missha Artistool Concealer Brush #104

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Recommended for :
Those looking to achieve even, streak-free concealer application
Those looking to achieve natural-looking coverage
Those looking for a makeup brush that does not cause irritation



Concealer brush provides natural-looking coverage for mild to severe imperfections

Product Info

Fibers: Synthetic / Handle: Wood / Ferrule: Aluminum

Gives Beginners Professional Results

A brush with the right texture and shape for every step of your makeup regimen, allows even beginners to achieve professional results

Soft Texture

Tapered fibers provide for a super soft texture that doesn't irritate the skin and allows for more natural-looking makeup application

Soft, resilient fibers allow for thin, streak-free concealer application
Tapered shape allows for precise coverage of imperfections
Included brush cover allows for hygienic storage

Makeup Guide

Covering Dark Circles and Minor Imperfections

Step 1. Apply concealer to the brush
Step 2. Lay the brush at a flat angle and smooth concealer onto desired area
(Applying concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and around the lips is recommended to create an even skin tone)

Covering Dark Circles and Minor Imperfections

Step 1. Concentrate concealer application to the tip of the brush
Step 2. Raise the angle of the brush and tap the product onto the desired area

Clean Up Guide

Step 1. Wipe off excess product onto tissue
Step 2. Using a brush cleanser, wash brush in warm water rubbing gently with hands
Step 3. Hold the handle and shake off excess water
Step 4. Dry the brush with the fibers and ferrule facing down in a well-ventilated, shaded area

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