FC Beauty Blackhead Wash Cleaner

  • Dhs.12.00
  • Save 33%

What it is: 

A cleansing tool designed with two different shaped ends to exfoliate, massage, and extract.

Beauty Benefits:

* 3-in-one tool: cleanses pores, massages skin, and extracts sebum.
* Helps treat enlarged pores, dead skin cells and blackheads.

What it does:

This blackhead dual cleaning brush features ribbed silicone bristles in two different densities to help access the hard-to-reach sides of your nose. The tip of the brush is designed with an extractor to remove leftover impurities, oil, and blackheads that remain after cleansing.

Why we love it:

The easy grip feature help to remove all impurities while massaging your skin for gentle yet effective cleansing. Targets stubborn dead skin cells for a gentle exfoliation, and is an easy way to give your face a quick massage to leave you glowing.

How To Use:

Apply cleansing foam, and wash your face with the cleaner.

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