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Premium Aloe Soothing Gel

  • Dhs.38.00

Recommended for:

- Who has concerned of skin irritation by strong sun burn, frequent removing hair  

- Containing glacial milk and ice plant, it cares irritated skin with cooling benefit.


“Real” aloe soothing gel containing 95% of pure Jeju aloe vera leaves


1) Aloe vera containing 95% of Jeju aloe vera leaves

Premium aloe soothing gel contains 95% of aloe vera leaves of pure Jeju Island

2) Feels moisturizing benefit as soon as applying it on the skin

Gel-type texture made by low temperature geling technology provides moisture of 95% of aloe vera totally to the skin

*Low temperature geling technology is MISSHA premium aleo gel’s own technology which processes aloe in low temperature for minimizing loss of effective component.


3) Feels cooling benefit as soon as applying it on the skin

It contains cooling ingredient such as glacial milk, ice plant extract to care irritated skin with cooling benefit.

4) Mild ingredients for all skin types

Since it does not contain Ethanol, TEA, PEG and Mineral oil, it has mild usage for all skin types.     

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