Missha Red Clay + Hair band Combo

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Missha Amazon Red Clay Pore Pack Foam Cleanser

MISSHA Amazon Red Clay Pore Pack Foam Cleanser - 120ml

It contains 2,000ppm of Green Tea Powder and 5,000ppm of Thorny Bamboo Stem Powder to keep keratin clean.
The sticky and rich foam deep cleanses every corner of the pore.
Contains 122,000ppm of Clay Formula, which absorbs excess sebum and removes impurities from pores.
Amazon White Clay, Brazilian Red Clay, Guarana Fruit extracts, etc. make pores clean and fresh.

Recommended for: large pores and oily skin

How to use
Take an appropriate amount on a wet hand and rub gently as if massaging it on the face, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
- Volume : 120ml

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