Misssha Ital Prism Blusher & Blending Brush

  • Dhs.44.00
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An Italprism Blusher & Blending Brush that conveys the brilliance of prism with smooth touches.
The soft and thick almond-shaped brush completes natural color blending on the face.
The elastic brush created for the Italprism line expresses the colors clearly without powder dispersion.

Size  : 18.2 cm (Bristle W 2cm x H 3.2cm) with premium synthetic hair


Italprism exclusive brush with great elasticity creates the exact color of the Italprism blusher with no dust flying. 


 1) Apply blush to the brush and desaturate the color.

 2) Apply to apples of cheeks in a soft, sweeping, circular motion.


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