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Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule

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Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule [GOLD]

Wrinkle-Repairing & Brightening

Purple Botanical Ingredients
Vitamin, mineral, and nutrient-rich purple ingredients
energize and revitalize to provide firmer, healthier skin
Purple Carrots
Purple Cabbage
4 Lactic Acid fermentation ingredients
Lactobacillus Ferment

The most famous lactic acid, commonly used to make yogurt, protects skin and improves its overall health

Bifida Ferment

Found in breast milk and used in the production of fermented foods, repairs damage to skin and improves skin's vitality

Lactococcus Ferment

Used to make butter and cheese, soothes damaged, sensitive skin and protects skin from external aggressors

Leuconostoc Ferment

Used to make Kimchi, produces dextran, improves skin's elasticity

Skin-Renewing Special Ingredients

(Natural origin collagen alternative)

Collagen alternative is derived from carrot cell walls, contains amino acids that help to moisturize and firm skin and create a smoother skin texture

Multivitamin Complex

7 vitamin ingredients which include vitamin C derivatives are capsulized for stability to provide skin with vitality and brighten skin tone

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