The Style Fitting Wear Foundation

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Foundation to help make clean and sleek ceramic-like skin through staying lightly and tightly onto skin.
★ Minute micro cover powder stays thinly onto skin to help cover skin problems and ideal combination of sphere powder and plate powder helps correct uneven area of skin to make sleek skin texture.
★ Layer setting system from resin originated ingredient and fixative polymer helps powder stay tightly on the skin.
★ BN powder collected from honey extract and coconut extract helps powder stay tightly and longer on skin and keeps bright and clean skin without darkening.
★ Rich in cornflower water, it helps apply lightly and moistly onto skin and provide light and fresh finish.
★ Hollyhock extract and elder flower extract help make sleek and clean skin and witch hazel extract helps soothe skin.

Containing cornflower water 30%!

Main ingredients
✔ Cornflower water
It helps to make skin moist and astringent while making dry and dull skin vitalized.
✔ Micro Cover Powder
Micronized powder manufactured by high-grinding technology, it adheres on skin evenly and thinly.
✔ Layer Setting System
Resin originated ingredient with adhesive effect and fixative polymer with fixed effect create dual network and help to make the makeup layer set on the skin more tightly.
✔ BN Powder
Collected from Honey extract which helps balance of oil and moisture and Coconut extract with high-adherence, BN powder helps to increase long-lasting and adhesive power on skin and keep the gorgeous makeup all day long.
✔ Hollyhock extract and Elder flower extract
It helps to make sleek and clear skin without greasiness.
✔ Witch hazel extract
It helps to soothe skin

How to use

Shake 2~3 times lightly before use. Apply an appropriate amount over face following skin texture.

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