MISSHA Near Skin Madecanol Multi Balm

  • Dhs.80.00

Get moisturized with multi balm for dried skin anywhere and whenever.

Recommended for:

- Who wants simple moisturizing care anywhere and whenever.

- Who gets easily dry.

- Who wants highly moisturizing care product due to easily dried skin area.

- Who wants highly moisturizing care product with neat after feel without stickiness.


1) Deep moisturizing barrier

   Centella Asiatica Extract to help make dry skin from external environment firmly moisturized

 2) No artificial fragrance

    It contains natural Bergamot oil forming skin moisture barrier and minimize irritation without artificial fragrance

 3) Oil balm texture

    Oil balm texture with moisture without stickiness can be used neatly for dry hair, cuticle, and heels.

1) Skin care with easily portable sized bottle!

   - Bottle to help keep skin care contents that used at home 

 2) Check after keeping desired cosmetic!

  - After keeping desired cosmetic check which skin care you placed with check list in front of the bottle!


Take an appropriate amount on hands, and melt the balm by body heat. Pat lightly to be fully absorbed after applying softly on sensitive skin due to dryness.


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