Missha Layer Blurring Primer (Pore Cover)

  • Dhs.40.00
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Pore cover primer to complete a smooth and flawless skin texture

- Pore covering formula that evens out uneven skin including uneven pores, lines in order to ensure clean and smooth skin.

- Sebum control powder manages excessive sebum to keep the skin soft without greasiness.

- Refines the rough texture of skin and reduces flaws, creating a polished cancas for makeup.

Sebum control for soft skin, Smoothly cover pores and unevenness, Skin texture care

1. Be Confident with Smooth, Flawless Skin
Covering formula helps smoother out pores, fine lines, and unevenness for flawless skin
2. No Shine!
Sebum Control Powder provides care to excessive sebum for soft, shine-free skin
3. Personalized Texture Care for Beautiful Skin
Smoothness rough skin texture to create the perfect base for makeup application

20  ml

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