Brush Cleaner

  • Dhs.57.00

Clean your brush without water - Its possible to use the brushes instantly without drying after cleansing.

Now one brush is fine - Dust off makeup residues on sponge, possibly coloring vividly without mixing colors.

Cleansing check after super easy cleansing - After cleansing brush on black sponge, possibly to check and organize brush texture with white sponge.

Material - Sponge, polyurethane. Metal case.


Step 1: Cleanse back and forth on the outer side of black sponge with brush that stain CLEANSE on makeup residues.

Step 2: Lightly brush on inner side of white sponge with cleansed brush to organize texture and double check whether brush is clean or not.


1. Flip the sponge to another side when it gets dirty.

2. Cleanse sponge with water and reuse is possible.

3. Add water onto white sponge to improve color effect, rubbing it with brush for even vivid color.

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