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All Around Safe Block Sun Cleansing Tissue

  • Dhs.17.00
  • Save 43%

- Who wants to find sunscreen cleansing wipes for removing sunscreen products on     both face and body

- Who wants to find portable cleansing wipes

- Who wants mild cleansing tissue

1) Sun cleansing wipes containing safe cleansing ingredients

- Sun cleansing wipes work gently on the sensitive skin or for kids with mild botanical ingredients.

2) Without leaving skin sticky!

- It helps effectively remove sunscreen residue on the skin.

3) Use wherever and whenever you want!

- You can use it wherever and whenever you want, thanks to its compact size.

  1. Directions

- Wipe the skin softly with sun cleansing wipes and wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Tip: To prevent evaporation of contents, please close sticker tightly after usage.


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