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MISSHA Time Revolution Bridal Cream (Intense Aqua)

  • Dhs.189.00


The pinnacle of beauty which is completed by 3 conditions to be beautiful and healthy skin such as skin tone, elasticity, and moisture.

- Who has the skin which easily gets dry and lacks of sleekness

- Who has dry skin even applying the cream continuously?

- Who has dry inner skin and a lot of oil on the surface skin as losing moisture            balance?

- Who has the skin easily get sensitive due to external environment.

Providing moisture

   Cooling benefit of sorbet texture which melts softly on the skin to help soothe sensitive skin and provide moisture to skin in order to keep skin moisture by smooth moisture barrier.

② Cooling & soothing benefit by moisture

   After Hyaluronic Acid capsule which gathers moisture breaks, it provides fresh moisture to skin and soothe sensitive skin by pure moisture cooling benefit.

③ Skin preservation benefit

   Micro Hyaluronic Acid which provides the moisture to skin closely to help change dry skin to moisturized and soft skin.




At the last step of cream, take an appropriate amount and apply it softly following the skin texture. Lastly, tap lightly to be fully absorbed.


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