MISSHA Super Aqua Bubble Peeling Gel

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* Concept

Moisturizing bubble peeling gel that can be used on the wet face right after cleansing.Dull skin tone, rough skin texture, and makeup not adhering to skin! Find a skin care solution for clean and clear skin with customized peeling just for you.

* Recommendation

Who thought peeling takes too much effort.

Who are stressed out about makeup not adhering to their skin.

Who are avoid to use peeling get due to the dryness.

Who have sensitive skin that gets irritated with any type of peeling gel.


* Description

Simple bubble peeling

Convenient peeling gel which can be used on wet skin helps to easily remove dead skin cells.

Mild bubble peeling

Dense foam helps to gently remove dead skin cells by reducing friction on skin.

Moisturizing peeling without dryness

Oxygen bubbles remove old dead skin cells and oxygenated water provides hydration to keep skin moisturized after peeling.

* Main Ingredients

- Natural Peeling Complex – Removing dead skin cells

- O2 Plantox – Purifying

- Oxygenated water - Moisturizing

- Green tea extract – Soothing

* Directions

After washing your face, pump an appropriate amount on your palm and apply it on

the face except the skin around eyes and mouth. Massage until the dead skin cells

come out and thoroughly rinse off with lukewarm water. (Recommended use 1~2

times a week)


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