MISA Cho Gong Jin Premium Cream

  • Dhs.300.00

  • For skin that remains full of moisture and firmness until the next day

This salve type balm melts gently into the skin at body temperature, forming a smooth layer of luster on the skin surface.

  • Comprehensive aging care to fight against signs of aging

A special prescription for flaxseed, Tremella fuciformis and gold to solve complex skin troubles and give a firm and elegant gloss to the skin.

  • Rich nourishing care

The ‘Gongjinbichaekdan’ prescription that provides the rich nourishing effect of decoction fills and firms up the skin.

  • Phoenix and peony, the symbols of nobility

Phoenix, an auspicious bird embroidered on the clothes of the empresses from ancient times, and peony, the queen of all flowers, symbolize the noble and precious value of MISA Cho Gong Jin line.


: In the morning and at night, apply to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin following cream. Gently massage using fingers as if melting the balm into the skin. Lightly press down on the face with the palms of your hands to help the lotion completely absorb into the skin.

Key Ingredients

Cho Gong Jin prescription for beautiful and healthy skin.

The secret of Cho Gong Jin

Gongjinbichaekdan Story

Gongjinbichaekdan was developed by adding black ginseng and Rehmannia glutinosa to the Gongjindan prescription in Dongeuibogam, the ‘Mirror of Eastern Medicine.’ It strengths the skin to fight against aging by itself and delivers a rich nourishing effect to the skin.

The Root of Gongjinbichaekdan


The ‘Gasamsukwumyo’ prescription from ‘Bangyakhappyeon,’ one of the celebrated medical books from the era of the Joseon Dynasty, records that ‘ginseng and Rehmannia glutinosa are added to Gongjindan prescription for a greater effect.'

The devotion of ‘Gujeunggupo’

The valuable ingredients of Rehmannia glutinosa and black ginseng, which are obtained through the process of ‘Gujeunggupo (steaming and drying under the sun for nine times each), improve the effect of Gongjindan prescription.

Precious oriental herbal ingredients meet modern science

  • Red Ginseng Glycan

Red ginseng extract is concentrated, separated, purified and turned into fine particles through enzymatic treatment in order to strengthen the power to penetrate deep into the skin layers.

  • Ru-Trogen

This optimal combination of herbal plant properties for beautiful skin moisturizes and gives luster to the skin.

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