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Herb In Nude Sheet Mask [Soothing Care]

  • Dhs.16.00

* Soothing Care

- Who wants to care for more comfortable skin as if the skin took a rest

* Re-commanded

- Who wants to have Tea mask time for a day to help care for healthy skin

- Who wants to have the sheet mask to help provide excellent air permeability and soft and comfortable feeling when applying it

Lavender tea time to help provide calm and comfortable feeling to the skin

Strong brew of lavender ingredients to help soothe down sensitive skin from external factor

Highly adhesive mask to help cover the skin firmly

Soft texture as silk to help apply well on even curved face and provide abundant moisture and nutrient to the skin

Light and transparent nude seal sheet fabric

Natural-derived cellulose sheet which is extremely thin and transparent with excellent air permeability to help provide comfortable feeling

Key Ingredient


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