Missha Artistool Blending Brush #204

  • Dhs.28.00

Recommended for :
Those looking to achieve a naturally "retouched" look
Those looking to contour and define their noses
Those looking for a makeup brush that does not cause irritation



Multi-use brush for natural-looking blending and nose contouring

Product Info

Fibers: Goat Hair / Handle: Wood / Ferrule: Aluminum

Gives Beginners Professional Results

A brush with the right texture and shape for every step of your makeup regimen, allows even beginners to achieve professional results

Soft Texture

Tapered fibers provide for a super soft texture that doesn't irritate the skin and allows for more natural-looking makeup application

Soft, resilient, high quality goat hair brushes allow for natural-looking blending, without patchiness
Small size allows for precise but soft application on smaller areas of the face
Included brush cover allows for hygienic storage

Makeup Guide

Can be used to blend out the harsh lines of eye shadows and blushes, or to prepare these areas for product by removing any dust or fine particles

Nose Contouring

Step 1. Apply contour product to brush and lightly tap off excess
Step 2. Apply to the sides of the nose to contour

Clean Up Guide

Step 1. Wipe off excess product onto tissue
Step 2. Using a brush cleanser, wash brush in warm water rubbing gently with hands
Step 3. Hold the handle and shake off excess water
Step 4. Dry the brush with the fibers and ferrule facing down in a well-ventilated, shaded area

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