Missha Essential Eye Brow Special Set

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Do you need to buy different products for your eye brows?

Now no need to go any where to buy different products for your eye brows Missha has got for your special eye brows a gift set.

Gift set consists of all the essential products required for your eye brows.

There are 5 products in a set.

1)Color Setting Brow Cara And

2) Triple Brow Pencil And

3) Super Skinny Brow And

4) Beauty Scissors And

5) Gold Pouch

1) Color Setting Brow Cara

1. Natural-Looking Color
Strands are individually coated in a clump-free formula for uniform and natural-looking color without the risks of dyeing

2. Quick Dry System
Dries fast, brows are left soft, not stiff or flaky

3. Long-Wearing Formula
Multi-Block Fitting Polymer formula is water-resistant, smudge-proof, long-wearing

Raspberry Brown

 Amber Brown

Blondie Brown


How To Use:- 

Before - Sparse brows

Step 1 - Shape and fill in with Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler

Step 2 - Tint, texture and define with Missha Color Setting Browcara

After - Subtly defined, cleaner-looking brows


2) Triple Brow Pencil


Recommended for:
- Those who want to reduce the amount of items in their pouch with a 3 in 1 pencil
- Those who want a neat and natural brow
- Those who want a long lasting brow product.



3) Super Skinny Brow

Super slim eyebrow to help draw natural eyebrow delicately with slim application

*Dark Brown

Dark brown color that looks good on natural dark hair

*Natural Brown

Natural Brown color that looks good on colored hair

4) Beauty Scissors


Small scissors ideally sized for trimming eyebrows or nails and cuticles.

5) Gold Pouch


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