MISSHA Lip Pencil Italprism / Matt

  • Dhs.82.00
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Lip pencil to express attracting lip makeup by velvety texture with vivid and rich color

Recommended for:

- Those who want lip product with high adherence and vivid color.

- Those who want lip product to help express color easily with simple usage.

- Those who want long lasting matt lip product that doesn’t highlight dead skin cells.

DRAWING completed in one stroke

 - Soft, velvety texture allows the product to be applied smoothly for quick and easy styling.

Long lasting vivid color

 - Excellent formula and trendy color manufactured in Italy maintains vivid and lively for long time.

Velvet finish without highlighting dead skin cells

Texture light as air and elastomer that doesn’t highlight dead skin cells create a velvety finish keeping the skin moisturized inside and matt outside.


Due to the soft and silky product texture, open and close the product gently in the vertical direction to keep it tidy.

Draw lightly unless the pencil can be broken if forced.

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