Time Revolution The First Treatment Mist

  • Dhs.174.00

Recommended for

- Anyone who has dry and rough skin

- Anyone who has different skin condition day by day

- Anyone who has skin gets affected a lot by weather or external environment

- Anyone who has skin gets sensitive easily

- Anyone who wants to keep moisturized skin even while wearing makeup

  1. Concept

Fermented yeast moisture calming mist to help recover the skin basic with moisture balance care and skin calming benefit

  1. Descriptions

 Moisture calming mist with 90% of natural fermented ingredients

It helps to care healthy and relaxed skin with skin calming benefit and maintaining skin moisture balance by containing fermented yeast extract of Himalaya purple barley and gemmule (60%) and chamomile natural fermented water(30%).

A Moisture charge anywhere, anytime

Tiny split moisture particle through ion fermentation and natural fermentation helps to care moisturized and vitalized skin by adhering quickly.

OK! For even sensitive skin by fine and even mist spray

It can be used on sensitive skin due to external pollution by adhering fine and even like covering the skin and also reduce skin stress by not containing gas.

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