Damaged Hair Therapy Gift Set

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Do you have Scalp Problem?

Do you have dry hair Problem?

Do you want to make your hair Silky?

Missha has great products to solve the problems.

Get the Damaged Hair Therapy gift set to solve all your hair problems. Damaged Hair Therapy gift set Consists of :-

1) Damaged Hair Therapy shampoo

3) Damaged Hair Therapy Essence

4) Damaged Hair Therapy Lotion

5) Damage Hair Therapy Steam Mask

Damaged Hair Therapy shampoo


A protein component similar to that of the hair component provides abundant nutrition to damaged hair.

Adjust pH balance of hair with slightly acidic base.

It is a naturally derived surfactant that gives a healthy care to the scalp.

How to use:- After thoroughly soaking the hair, apply an appropriate amount evenly to the hair and scalp.
Makes bubble and gently massage, rinse thoroughly with water.

Damaged Hair Therapy Essence

Damaged Hair Therapy Essence keeps dry hair moisturized and smooth.

concentration on the dry, frizzy part of hair.

How to use:- Evenly apply an appropriate amount to hair.

Damaged Hair Therapy Lotion

Damaged Hair Therapy Lotion keeps dry hair moisturized and smooth.

How To Use:

1. Slightly towel dry your hair, apply a proper amount to hair and distribute evenly. 

2. Dry your hair. 

3. After drying, finish by reapplying to hair focusing on the hair tips. 

Damage Hair Therapy Steam Mask

ssembled hair mask helps to care your hair easily at home with high-grade steam benefit.

★ Mask helps use easily and cleanly without getting on inner content on hands with one step care. 
★ It helps supply intensive nutrition to expanded gap of cuticle through temperature rise inside of the hair cap.
★ Amino acid which forms the hair and Collagen, Camellia oil, and Argan oil which are effective for damaged hair to help make your hair stronger.

How to use:-

1. After shampooing , dry hair.
2. Apply hair pack on wet hair.
3. Leave mask for 10-15 minutes.
4. After wash and dry your hair

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