MISSHA Natural Lotus Vinegar Shampoo 310 ml - Missha Middle East

MISSHA Natural Lotus Vinegar Shampoo 310 ml

  • Dhs.82.00

★ It does not contain silicon, so it does not irritate the scalp and makes hair healthy by increasing the absorption of nourishment into hair.
★ Acidic flower vinegar restores the cuticle layer of hair which is damaged by alkali chemicals, such as hair colorant and perm treatment, to its healthy pH level.
★ Instead of silicon, natural ingredients such as Camellia Oil and Argan Oil are used to gently wash hair.
★ Mild and fresh lotus fragrance.

How to use

Wet the hair first. Take an appropriate amount of shampoo and massage scalp and hair. Lastly, rinse off thoroughly with water.

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